About Devexperts

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Devexperts was founded in 2002 and specializes in the development of highly sophisticated software solutions and services for the global capital markets industry. Our clients are retail and institutional brokerage houses, exchanges and buy-side firms.

dxFeed is a subsidiary of Devexperts, with the primary focus of delivering financial markets information and services to buy-side and sell-side institutions of the global financial industry, specifically to traders, data analysts, quants and portfolio managers.


Strategic Market Data Delivery

This short guide offers a checklist of essential requirements for a strategic market data provider.

dxTUR: Trading Platform Deeply Customized for Turkish Markets

dxTUR is Devexperts’ trading platform, which can be adaptod to every financial institution and market, supporting iOS, Android and Web HTML5, and can be scaled up to support millions of end users.

Individual Data Package Purchasing

Clients or members can login to the platform and buy market data packages of their choice, through application market places or other custom designed payment systems.

Multi Platform

Our trading platforms are designed to support different channels. The end users can follow the markets with shared watchlists, use the same data packages and access the same markets, from Mobile and web GUIs.

End User Comments

End users can read and write comments on the instruments, which they are interested. It is possible to display these comments can be displayed based on client groups, or customer representatives, moderated by admin users.


Our platforms can be scaled up to support millions of end users, deliver and store terabytes of data every day, through our unparalleled portfolio of data solutions.


the Financial Trading Platform
which Grows the Client Base

dxTUR, is a customized version of Devexperts’ Trading Platform, dxTrade, for the Turkish Markets. dxTUR is licenced from Antalya Teknokent and is supported by Turkish Engineers.

dxTur, with its mobile and web GUIs promises full integration to bank and brokerage house backends, CRM systems.

dxTUR helps digital marketers drive growth. From customer acquisition to activation, retention to revenue dxTUR gathers all information under one platform.

Powered by AI and Machine Learning dxTUR leverages the real time predictive segmentation of portfolios and financial transactions.


As Fintech evolves, financial institutions adopt the way they do business. In the old times, business models depending on opening new branches, relying on more human and personnel, are replaced by technology investments.

  • Risk monitoring based on executed trades.
  • Client rep phone calls were the most important medium of communication.
  • Financial advisory services were delivered to a limited number of clients.
  • Risks can be monitored according to scenarios, before execution.
  • Clients prefer technological channels for financial services.
  • AI and ML backed up systems leverage financial advisory.
  • Data delivery and monitoring was manual.
  • Which client is interested in which data packages, could not be followed.
  • Client information was not a secret, could be shared with third parties.
  • Data delivery is integrated with CRM, BI and other intelligent systems.
  • Based on the data packages being followed, digital strategies are formed
  • Banks and brokerages act as a data vendor and protect client information.

Highly Sophisticated Financial Software Development

Client Onboarding Module
Order Management
Execution Management Systems
Risk Management
Trading Analytics
Flexible APIs
Enterprise-level Software
Development Services
Flexible terms: subscription,
license, source code and more
Market data storage and
distribution infrastructure
CMB Compliant
Trading Platforms

We have asked the Market Professionals

  • %90Data management
  • %87ML
  • %71AI
  • %68Blockchain
  • %47RPA
  • %20Top Priority
  • %45Crucial
  • %30Important
  • %3Low Priority
  • %2Not a focus

Highly Sophisticated Financial Software Development

We work to accelerate the widespread adoption of VR/AR technology by traditional financial companies (banks, brokers, exchanges), technological FinTech firms and startups around the world in order to improve customers’ experience.
Machine Learning
Our market clustering tool uses machine learning techniques and statistical models using true performance of each security to create a real-time map of the market, providing true vision for investors and portfolio managers.
Market Scanner
Market Scanner is a service that can be connected to your application or website via a set of APIs. It allows you to type in your own criteria based on all major technical indicators. The search is performed on tick resolution from real-time data coming from all major exchanges.
Sophisticated chatbots break new ground in conversion and activation of prospects into sales. Being a diligent conversational partner this AI remembers the history of the dialog and is continuously self-learning. Thus a chatbot can connect with a user on a more intimate level, it has the ability to get under a traders’ skin by adding value that improves their day-to-day lives.

Panel Session 16: Touching’ the Customer in the AI Era – A New Meaning of Personalisation and Ushering in a New Realms of Customer Engagement

On 14th of November, the second day of Capital Markets Summit, Michael Babushkin will be attending the Panel Session 16, which is expected to take place between 13:30 - 14:30 in the Room A.

Participation is free of charge. Participants should register from the official website of the organization.


Michael Babushkin
Founder & CEO

Michael Babushkin

Founder & CEO

Michael founded Devexperts in 2002 and has grown the company to the leading IT house in the online trading space with over 400 people doing sophisticated online trading, mobile, back office, order- and risk-management systems and online electronic exchanges.

The company has won numerous awards from among others Barron’s, Deloitte, Stockbrokers.com, for many of its achievements, including Ameritrade’s (NASDAQ: AMTD) thinkorswim® platform and Gain Capital(NYSE: GCAP ) DealBook® 360.

Our Clients in the Turkish Capital Markets


Panel Session 16 Q&A : Touching’ the Customer in the AI Era – A New Meaning of Personalisation and Ushering in a New Realms of Customer Engagement

AI and robots, can be analyzing all data related to customer engagement in all platforms. A large number of investors, can simultaneously receive personalized investment advisory services, portfolio analysis, can follow price and news and execute orders instantly. Services based on Chatbot, enable investors to open accounts easily, set investment preferences as if they are talking with their friends. We will see new applications like Augmented Reality powered with AI and Bots and it will help investors’ decision taking process.

Identifying customers’ needs will be the major function of the financial institutions. The sub set of this function will include, collection the required data, compare it with the real life and market data, clustering with similar investor profiles and finally, matching the investor with appropriate investment instruments.

Big Data systems are able to query certain conditions, over a very large number of clients, very large number of instruments, a very large range of historical data, very fast. On such systems, required conditions can trigger instant orders, which no human being can achieve, manually.

Data feedback and behavioral change intervention can definitely help customers with their choices: big data systems can constantly look for conditions, which will be suitable for customers’ previous actions. This kind of approach is “less manipulative” when compared to human advisory.

If we define internet, as a network of platforms which the customers are in contact with, through semantic analysis, it is now possible to understand if the customers are nervous, tend to make good decisions, etc.

Mathematically it is impossible to model the return on an instrument. On the contrary it is 100% possible to model the risk of the portfolio. Statistically, it is a fact that portfolios, which manage their risks continuously, perform better than the others. The investor can co-operate with the robots, by deciding on their risk profile and receive help from the robots to decide on the best portfolio allocation.

In pension savings systems like BES, yearly haircuts like success fees or management fees may make it difficult for the funds to perform well in the long run, mathematically. From this perspective, AI can automate the processes and may increase the efficiency of the sector.

Investors would tend to increase the variety of their portfolio choice, because of the extended life expectancy. They would want to seek new instruments which would match their investment goals and needs, from other parts of the world.

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